Upcoming Events


General Meeting: Wednesday August 30th

September 24th Corn Roast & BBQ

A. We will gather again at Pages Resort, perhaps the last club event with our specialty vehicles. The event begins at 4:00 pm, eating begins at 5:00.

B. The club will provide corn and a large tub in which to boil it.

C. Members are to bring all their own food, drinks, chairs and everything else. Pages Resort will have BBQs available to cook your own food.

October 23 & 24 – Off island Trip & Event in Abbotsford

It will be a visit to a private museum that some members have been to and claim to be “fantastic.” Not just vehicles but many buildings of collectibles and memorabilia. This will involve an overnight stay. If you are not able to stay with a relative or friend, your executive will be booking block of hotel rooms at a corporate reduced rate.

B. Travel day will be Monday October 23, lower ferry rates for seniors and less ferry traffic. The museum visit will be Tuesday October 24th followed by our return home.