Poker Run – Sunday May 29, 2022

8 volunteers mustered at the museum at 10:00 and headed out to their spots. About 15 club members plus 10 visitors from the Old English Car Club mustered at 11:00, received instructions and maps from President Wayne and headed out to 8 stops at 11:30.

All drivers and passengers convened at the Community Hall following their collection of 8 playing cards, one at each stop. The Lions Club graciously set up their BBQ for a lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs and cold drinks, while the club offered coffee, tea and hot chocolate inside.

Fred Withey analyzed the poker hands after he took away one card from each. Prizes were awarded for the best poker hand, the worst hand and to the 2 individuals who selected jokers. Following that door prize draws were held to give away great items acquired by our Swag Chairperson Catherine.

Gabriola Cruisers current and past Presidents (Wayne and Steve) meet with PHC Executive Director, Brenda Fowler to present the Club’s recent donation of the proceeds from the Club’s Poker Run to PHC’s food bank program.

Mustering at the Museum

Cruisers volunteers hand out poker cards at the 8 stops

Outside at the Community Hall

Inside at the Community Hall