Country Hoe Down Dance October 2018

Country Western Dance:

  • Dance was held on Saturday Oct 13
  • Final figures have not been calculated, but profit will be lower than expected due to Advertising costs (Sounder, Posters, Sandwich Board) and low wine and beer sales
  • Set Up and Tear Down was accomplished quickly and easily as we had many volunteers
  • Wine and beer sales were considerably less than at our last dance
  • Steve gave 2 complimentary tickets to North Road Sports; 2 complimentary tickets to Gabriola Automotive as well as 2 to Derrick at the Sounder – North Road Sports and Gabriola Automotive were sales distribution channels
  • Decoration for the dance were terrific:
    • o Randy had access to some hay bales and brought those along
    • o Gordie McDonald set up some corn stalks, milk jugs, 4-H Posters
  • Good attendance, people had fun!
  • Thanks to Flashback Freddie for once again providing great music
  • Thanks to Kimm for the great line dancing lessons
  • Prize Winners:

  • Best dressed cowgirl and cowboy——Ashley & Chris Manning won a bottle of wine each.
  • Door prizes

  • —Alois rainbow photo….guy in blue shirt whose name I didn’t get & I hope someone will provide it.
    —Dinner for 2 at the Surf—-Verenia Saxon
    —BC ferry coupon for car/driver /passenger one way—-Gwen Spinks
    —set of beer tasting glasses—Ashley Manning
    —coffee mug & wine goblets—Shirley Cerniuk
    —fancy salt & pepper shakers—-Kimm Nightingale
    Winner of 50/50—-Geoff Wiggins

Additional Thoughts

  • o Bigger push to have members sell tickets instead of advertising
  • o Would be nice if more Car Club people attended as it would be a social activity for members
  • o Some feedback that people enjoyed the Sock Hop theme a bit more, although people attending the dance loved the C&W theme

Thanks to Club Volunteers for their help at the dance

  • o Dan & Loreen
  • o Lori & Warren
  • o Carol
  • o Wayne & Verenia
  • o Andy
  • o Fred & Carol
  • o Catherine
  • o Dennis
  • Kimm Nightingale teaching Elecrtric glide Blue to hoedown attendees. 13 Oct ’18
    Line dancing lessons for hoedown 13 Oct ’18
    Doug Long and Robert sharing a moment at the hoedown. 13 Oct ’18
    More lesson shots.
    Kitchen volunteers from the Community Hall. 13 Oct ’18
    Ashley & Chris Manning-winners of the best cowgirl & cowboy outfits. 13 Oct ’18
    Loraine & Tony Leeming in their western duds. 13 Oct ’18
    Randy & Catherine at the Hoedown. 13 Oct ’18
    Winner of an Alois rainbow photograph. 13 Oct ’18
    Verenia Saxon- winner of Surf dinner for 2 coupon. 13 Oct ’18
    Gwen Spinks- winner of BC Ferry car/driver/passenger trip coupon. 13 Oct ’18
    Ashley Manning- winner of beer tasting glasses. 13 Oct ’18
    Shirley Cerniuk-winner of coffee mug & wine goblets. 13 Oct ’18
    Dan & Loreen Hufsmith chatting with that dancing devil..Doug Long. 13 Oct ’18
    Dancers showing off their moves on the floor. 13 Oct ’18
    Wayne Billings & Geoff Wiggins.
    The bar crew….Wayne, Randy & Warren with Kent giving them some business. 13 Oct ’18
    Geoff Wiggins-winner of the 50/50 13 Oct ’18
    Kimm Nightingale- winner of the salt & pepper shakers. 13 Oct ’18

    Found! One pair reading glasses. 13 Oct ’18