Club History

In the spring of 2015 some Gabriola Island auto enthusiasts organized a car show which was held in August. This was a successful event and in the following months the creation of a club was discussed. A first meeting was held in May, 2016, attendance was around 25 people and it was decided to form a club. Organization was decided to be informal, Randy Phillips volunteered to be the president and a number of others volunteered to be Directors.

Residents who are enthusiasts about all multi-wheeled and 2-wheeled motor vehicles, regardless of the age of vehicles or members are welcome to join.

The club name was chosen after suggestions were solicited from members and reviewed at a meeting.

Gabriolans (or others) can join the club by downloading and printing the online application form and paying the annual $25.00 per couple membership fee at a general meeting or to Jeff Lofvendahl (email address & phone are below). Members paying the annual fee are also entitled to enter one or more vehicles for free at the Club’s August car show.

Club contacts: President Wayne Knibbs email: president@gabriolacruisersautoclub.ca 

Membership Chair  Jeff Lofvendahl email: 28greenbeans@gmail.com or call 250-247-8283